Trying to Sell Soul on eBay

Dante Knoxx selling soul on ebay
We have all heard the rumors and legends of people in stories selling their souls to the Devil in exchange for something even greater such as power, money, skills, and so forth. The list really does go on and on. But there are also stories of people in real life trying to “sell their soul” to the Devil.

In these stories, people have claimed to have already given their soul over in exchange for whatever they desired. While this may sound silly and downright strange, there are people that believe this can be done.

Even a man in 2008 decided to see if he could sell his soul on eBay to raise money for his band. His name is Dante Knoxx. However, it wasn’t long before big eBay bosses were letting Knoxx know that he couldn’t do so and that it was not permitted on the site.

Knoxx had a few things to say about the whole ordeal, stating: “I had lots of emails asking if I was serious and religious groups telling me I couldn’t do that – others wanted to talk about my soul.” So it seems as though we won’t be able to sell our soul on eBay anytime soon. Which is probably a good thing.