Real Bill Murray Stories Ever Told

1. Like most celebrities, Bill Murray isn’t a fan of being bothered for his autograph. Unlike most celebrities, it’s because he finds it too impersonal.

One day, Bill Murray is doing a shoot for a guy, and that guy’s friend asks him for an autograph. Instead of just writing his name on a piece of paper, Bill gives them something better. He films a slow motion walk down the hall with all the guys à la Wes Anderson.

2. In 2014, he was spotted dancing in the crowd at a Kings Of Leon gig in New York City, something which Nathan Followill called “one of the highlights of my career”. He was also seen enjoying Girlpool’s set at SXSW last year.

3. Murray has been spotted riding a children’s bike through branches of Wal-Mart on several occasions, most notably at a store in Southfield, Michigan in 2006, when a man named Jake says the actor was “wearing an obviously heavily used firefighter’s uniform, complete with oxygen tank, [which] made the moment a little too surreal for my tastes”. We hear you, Jake.

4. In 2014, he crashed a random guy’s bachelor party and gave the prospective groom some very wise advice, which thankfully was captured on camera.

Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party

5. The same year, he photobombed a couple’s engagement shoot on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina.

6. At SXSW in 2010, Murray decided to become an impromptu bartender at one of the festival’s main drinking spots – and served everyone shots of tequila, no matter what they’d ordered.

7. In 2006, while visiting St Andrews in Scotland for a celebrity golf tournament, Murray met a couple of Norwegian women at a local bar, accepted their invitation to accompany them to a friend’s nearby house party, and, according to The Telegraph, ended up tackling the hefty pile of washing-up left in their sink. Bill Murray: the perfect guest.

8. When he walked past a group of New Yorkers playing a game of kickball a few years ago, Murray obviously had to join in. A picture of the Murray-assisted team posted on Tumblr soon went viral.

9. While Christmas shopping in New York City in 2010, Murray held up a busy Starbucks queue by trying to persuade an initially unwilling barista to slip some whiskey into his Eggnog Latte. Eventually, the barista gave in and Murray said thank you for his fancy Irish coffee by leaving a $10 tip.

10. While merrily causing mischief by stealing chips, crashing parties or deliberately photobombing passers-by, Murray often offers a famous parting shot to the stranger(s) he’s surprised: “And no one will ever believe you!” Whatta guy.

11. Bill Murray reportedly lobbed three mobile phones off a restaurant roof after fans got a bit too eager to grab a selfie with him. Being a gent, Bill later agreed to replace the property that was damaged.

12. During construction of the Poet’s House, a library in Manhattan, Bill Murray stops by to read poems to the construction workers who are working on the building. In the middle of reading, he says, “It gets worse. If you want to take a sick day, do it now.” Workers laugh and take photos with their cell phones.