First Person in History to be Struck by a Meteorite

Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, became the first confirmed person in history to be struck by a meteorite.

Ann Hodges hit by meteorite

In late November 1954, Ann was sleeping on her couch under a quilt when a softball sized meteor crashed through her ceiling, bouncing off a radio before hitting her in the thigh, leaving a massive bruise.

Several locals in the area witnessed the strike, but many doubted that it was actually a rock. In the Cold War era, many believed it could be the Soviets doing. However, after the Air Force confirmed the rock was indeed a meteor, Ann wanted to keep the rock for herself, but so did her landlord.

Birdie Guy, Ann’s landlord sued both Ann and her husband Eugune for possession of the rock, because it landed on her property. Eugene later settled a $500 claim with the landlord, hoping the rock would sell for a lot of money; it never did. In 1956, the Hodges donate their meteor to the Natural History museum, which is still in display to this day.