When I Go To Bed At 7

When I Go To Bed At 7

When I Slice Onions

When I Slice Onions

Old People At Weddings Be Like

Old People At Weddings Be Like
So, i started doing the same thing to them at funerals

Everyone is having fun with GTA V

Pc gamers have consoles as backup. Niko! Come to America! I am filthy rich and there are women! Oh wait I’m broke and involved in the crime and drug scene. Lets play darts!

They don’t eat bacon

<!--:en-->They don't eat bacon<!--:-->
Imagine how big of a fuss this would’ve been if this had been a scene of a vegan differentiating between people and meat eaters.

That was bearly passable

<!--:en-->That was bearly passable<!--:-->
He can’t have bear hands, he only have the right to bear arms! Doesn’t your country give him the right to bear arms? Can we paws this before it gets started?

Finnish people don’t talk to strangers

<!--:en-->Finnish people don't talk to strangers<!--:-->
That’s not only in Finland. It holds true for all of the Nordic countries.

This makes me feel better

<!--:en-->This makes me feel better<!--:-->
So silly

Oh boy

<!--:en-->Oh boy<!--:-->

Third times a charm

<!--:en-->Third times a charm<!--:-->
The average time between when a cross traffic light turns red and your light turns green is 3 seconds.